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Critical shortage of fish in Kedah

The inclement weather in Kedah over the past four days has resulted in a shortage of fish, and what is available is being sold at higher prices.Ishak Osman, 60, a regular customer at the Seberang Kota fishermen’s market in Kuala Kedah, said Friday that the price of the ‘kembong’ (Indian mackerel) had gone up from between RM3 and RM4 a kg to between RM6 and RM7.

Some traders were selling the fish for RM10, forcing many people to shy away from buying fish, he said.

A check by Bernama revealed that fish was in short supply at the market and people had to scramble to buy ‘kembong’ as well as other fish.

Fisherman Mohammad Mohd Azhar, 53, said he and some other inshore fishermen had to go far out to sea to fish as supply along the coast had dwindled.

He said they had to spend more on fuel if they ventured further out and had to sell their catch at higher prices.

Some fishermen did not go out to sea because of the bad weather, he added.

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