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Islamic professor: Introduce hudud gradually

Hudud should be introduced gradually in Malaysia, similar to how the British took about a century to introduce civil law to Malaya, said International Islamic University’s professor of Islamic thoughts Mahmood Zuhdi Abdul Majid today.“The British introduced Justice Charter in 1807. The Civil Law Act came into being in 1956. We should also introduce hudud gradually,” he said.

He added this while presenting a paper at the national syariah crime discussion entitled Hudud in Malaysia: Opportunities, Challenges and Obstacles that was held at UKM.

Hudud has been the talk of the town following Kelantan’s willingness to implement hudud next year. The state is planning to bring forward two Private Member’s Bills in September.

The federal government has formed a national committee on hudud to study the implementation of hudud.

Mahmood said the federal government should move to introduce what he termed as Diyat Act and the state, fidayat enactment to provide compensation to family members of people who die in road accidents.

The Diyat Act, he said, would compel those who cause unintentional deaths via road accidents to pay compensation of up to RM3 million.

“The Fidayat enactment will allow the state to provide compensation to the affected families,” he said.

Meanwhile, PAS central committee member Mahfodz Mohamed expressed his concern that the amendments might not see the light of the day since it would be tabled as Private Member’s Bill.