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IAEA: Lynas generates low level of radioactive waste

KUALA LUMPUR: The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) experts have concluded that the Lynas rare earth processing facility nearbKuantan generates very low level radioactive waste.

The conclusion was made by the IAEA expert team following a follow-upbmission to conduct an independent review of radiation safety at the rare earthbprocessing facility.

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“The radiological risks of the Lynas plant are low because of the low levelbof radioactivity of the materials handled,” team leader and director of thebNuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology Division in the IAEA’s Department ofbNuclear Energy, Juan Carlos Lentijo, said in a statement today.

He said in the preliminary observations, the follow-up mission found thatbgood progress had been made in implementing the 11 recommendations made by thebinternational body during its review mission in 2011.

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“Malaysia was actively updating its regulations in accordance with the mostbrecent IAEA safety standards,” he said.
Rare earths are elements used in many high-technology applications, frombmobile phones to wind turbines.

Since the ore from which they are refined also usually contains naturallyboccurring radioactive materials such as thorium or uranium, the process resultsbin very low-level radioactive waste that must be managed safely.