Membincangkan isu masyarakat Malaysia
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Rakyat pays for the billions BN wastes

Institut Rakyat Executive Director, Yin Shao Loong said the government’s move to increase petrol and diesel prices by 20 sen displays it’s ”wrongheaded approach to economic policy and national development.”He was of the opinion that ”any discussion of ‘fiscal rationalisation’ cannot close without mention of the inefficient and wasteful manner in which public monies have been spent by the BN (Barisan Nasional).’’

Referring to the Auditor-General’s report about the billions wasted by the government, Yin explained, ’’Every year the Auditor-General’s report identifies billions of ringgit wasted by the government and its departments.

“Few are called to order, instead the burden of meeting deficit reductions fall on the consumer.’’

Blaming former premier Mahathir Mohamad for the fiscal mess the country was in now, Yin said, ”The short-sighted policy decisions taken during the Mahathir years was to promote mass private vehicle ownership in order to sustain a national automaker.

“This meant short-changing strategic investment in high-quality public transport infrastructure with integrated networks of bus, rail, and taxis.’’

Yin added that the government should have ensured that public transportation services were ”adequate” and that the average Malaysian’s wages were enough to ”withstand a jump in prices” before making the decision.

Yin also said that if priority was placed on public transportation as opposed to private vehicle ownership, those from the lower-income group would not have to face economic hardship now.

He explained, ’’A matured public transport system would also have spared the government the fiscal pressure of maintaining fuel subsidies for so long.

“BN’s historic policy mis-steps ultimately result in the lower-income households taking the brunt.’’

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